Homeless Veteran’s Makeover Goes Viral: VIDEO




Meet Jim Wolf of Grand Rapids, Mich. The Army veteran was transformed for a video that the maker hopes will convince people to look at the homeless differently.

On this Veterans Day, a video showing a homeless veteran’s transformation as a stylist cuts his hair, trims his beard and puts him in a new suit, is going viral. It’s already drawn more than 10 million views in just 5 days.

Created by producer and marketer Rob Bliss to benefit the Degage Ministries charitable organization in Grand Rapids, Mich., the video is a time lapse clip of local veteran Jim Wolf. As stylist Anna Walt clips, shaves and styles Wolf, he turns from a scruffy, bearded man into a stylish looking guy.

On screen, viewers are told that:

“For decades, Jim has struggled with poverty, homelessness and alcoholism. In September 2013, he volunteered to go through this physical transformation. … Since filming, Jim has taken control of his life. He is now scheduled to have his own housing and is attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for the first time ever.”

The video ends with a request for donations to the Degage Ministries, “to help transform the lives of other homeless veterans, inside and out.”

Source: youtube.com  Via: thetwo-way A special thanks to the fine folks at degageministries.org