Encourage your kids to read…


Encourage your kids to read. Bothers me how many kids simply cannot read at their grade level.

On the way to little league


In kindergarten my sons teacher told us that our son is having trouble reading and that we should hold him back a year so he can catch up.

A rare McDonalds meal


I called her bullsh!t. I told her that he will be moving on to 1st grade and I will teach him to read better. Eventually he will love to read. She didn’t believe me.

On the way to summer camp


Every morning on the way to school, on the way to little league and pretty much anywhere he can he reads. This also has caught on to my daughter that reads all the time as well. She is in 1st grade and reads 3rd and 4th grade level books.

On the way to gymnastics


This morning my son tells me he is tired of reading books that he finishes in a day or two (300+ pages) so he got a book with almost 500 pages. He is now in 5th grade.

On the way to school


I am pretty proud of my kids. I think we are doing this parenting thing right so far. Encourage your kids to read people!

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