This Homeless Man Sits Down At This Piano, And Then Does Something Mind-Blowing


Every day in Sarasota, a man named Donald Gould plays the piano for some spare change. He’s incredibly talented and a former Marine, and only three classes away from a degree in music theory. Sadly, though, he’s also homeless, after losing his wife and encountering various other hardships.

But even this hard life hasn’t crushed his musical spirit, and he still dreams of playing and teaching music. You have to see this for yourself.

Watch Donald play here and be blown away.

Right now, the folks behind these videos are looking to help Donald out. They’ve started a GoFundMe campaign to get Donald back on his feet, complete with a home, a car, and any treatment he may need. With a little help, Donald can get a second chance at life, and a chance to fulfill his dream of sharing music with the world.