Colorado Woman Comforts Teenaged Walmart Cashier. The Reason Is Absolutely Heartbreaking.



PUEBLO, Colo.– A woman’s heartbreaking post about her shopping experience at Walmart has more than 21 million views on Facebook.

“No matter where we or, no matter what we’re doing. We are there for a reason.”

Facebook user Paige Yore said she was at the store waiting in line for about 20 minutes when she witnessed a young cashier having a hard time. As she stood there irritated, a female customer began yelling at the young man.

“You suck at customer service. I don’t know how you ever got hired here,” said the female customer. Yore tried helping the woman bag her groceries so that she could get her out of the store.

After the woman attempted to pay for her purchase, her card declined. According to Yore, the woman really began yelling at the boy as if it was his fault.

“Maybe you should just step aside and let us cash out. This young man is obviously having a bad day,” Yore told the woman.

She was right.

The young cashier stopped in his tracks and began crying. He came from the bagging area and began hugging Yore. He told her that his mother committed suicide that morning. He said he had to work because he has to pay rent and bills.

“This woman is yelling at me and I don’t even have a mom anymore,” said the young man.

Yore began to cry and told him to hang in there.

“Life is so hard and it’s going to be OK.”

The rude female customer stood there absolutely humiliated.

Yore said she gave him all of the money out of her purse.

“That just showed me that no matter what, even if you’re customer service sucks, even if whatever happened, somebody is rude to you, don’t jump down their throat because they are fighting a battle that none of us knows about,” she continued. “We have to be thankful to be alive and treat other people like you want to be treated.”