After Seeing This, I Will Never Drink Coke Again. Trust Me On This One.


We’ve all seen the videos of what happens when you mix Coke and Mentos, but just wait until you see what happens when you pour milk into a bottle of Coke.

Because of the acidic nature of Coke it can be used for many purposes that sound outrageous. For example, Coke can be used to take tarnish off of coins and other metals, and some people even use it to degrease car engines. But what happens when we mix Coke with something that acts opposite to it’s acidic properties, such as Milk?

You’re not going to believe the reaction and perhaps even think twice about what you put in your body, yuck!

1. First, start with the two ingredients: Coke and Milk.


2. Then a small amount of milk is added to the Coke bottle.


3. Then let the mixture sit for six hours.


4. After waiting, this is what happens – OMG this is sick!


5. There is some crazy muck floating at the top…


6. …and the bottom looks like the contents of a garbage disposal. Geez!


You can go here to watch a video of this experiment.

So what do you think? I bet you all will have some pretty wild comments about this one!