When This Bus Driver Missed Her Turn, The Students Got Suspicious. You’ll Be SHOCKED!

Bad bus driver

Students from upstate New York were on their way home from school when the bus driver missed her turn. Little did the students know, this wasn’t going to be their average bus ride home.

Two older students discover that the bus driver, driving dozens of children home, was under the influence of alcohol! Watch as they yell at her to “Stop the bus!” but she doesn’t! The next few minutes are absolutely terrifying, but if there’s better ending to any story, it’s this one. What these two girls do is beyond brave!

With a blood alcohol level of 1.5, this bus driver spent many weeks in jail, 6 months of electronic home confinement, 5 years probation and mandatory alcohol counseling.

What do you think…should she be able to work again as a bus driver?


This girl, and the others that helped these small children, get off this bus are heros, being a Mom myself, this made me cry, because I was so proud of what these girls did. Their Mom’s and Dad’s should be so proud.