Police Can’t Get A Baby Out Of A Hot Car. That’s When A 5-Year-Old Walks Up To Them.


Before leaving the house for a shopping trip, five-year-old Zavi Ahmed told his mother that he had to wear his Batman costume because he is a superhero.

She had no idea how right he was.


As the Mirror reports, Zavi came to the rescue of one-year-old Iris Adamski, who was accidentally locked in a car when her grandmother was loading the trunk.

Though police smashed the rear window of the Volkswagon Beetle where Iris was stuck, the hole was too small for anyone to unlock a door or reach the keys that were sitting on the dashboard.

That’s when Batman — er, Zavi — appeared on the scene to help. Zavi volunteered to squeeze through the hole in the window and get the keys. One of the policemen spread a sweater over the broken glass and Zavi crawled in and retrieved the keys


Caroline Penny, Iris’ grandmother, praised Zavi for being, “a true superhero.”

“Iris is so happy to be saved by Batman,” she told the Mirror, “if she gets married that will definitely be told at her wedding.”

Zavi might not have expected to be called on for a rescue while shopping with his mom, but he clearly has a hero’s mentality.

“I always feel like a superhero but that day was special,” he said.