Blind Mom Is Having An Ultrasound, But What The Doctor Does Has Me In Tears!


They say that when we lose one of our senses, the four remaining ones become stronger. And so the little things become all the bigger. For those who live without sight, they have a unique sensory experience that allows them to “see” so much of what we miss.

Tatiana is a blind mother and is very much looking forward to the moment she can hold her son for the first time. However, unlike most expecting mommies, Tatiana isn’t able to have the experience of seeing her baby boy develop in her womb through the ultrasound.

Huggies decided to give Tatiana a little something special. When I saw what it was and how she reacted, I teared up big time!

Every time I think we are on technology overload, a special life changing moment happens because of technology…watch Tatiana’s story and please share!