Amazing Pink Dolphin Spotted in Louisiana

Pink Dolphin Spotted in Louisiana

No, you’re not hallucinating. This pink dolphin, aptly named Pinky, was spotted in the Louisiana River over the weekend. AND, she might be pregnant with more pink dolphins.

pink dolphin

Captain Erik Rue of Calcasieu Charter Service in LA, first spotted Pinky in 2007 when she was but a wee pup. He was the one to spot her again over the weekend. And he thinks he spotted her with a male dolphin. Woo woo.

Obviously, most dolphins are blue or gray. But in the Amazon river, pink dolphins are pretty common. They’re pretty much a freshwater dolphin, which might meant that Pinky isn’t a transplant, but in fact born in our waters.

Some scientists think that Pinky has a genetic condition where here veins are close enough to the skin that her blood makes her look pink. They’ll never know, however, unless they caught her and studied her, and it seems best just to let her be.