Amazing Dog Rescue Transformations That Will Melt Your Heart

These pups give a new meaning to the Instagram sensation, #transformationtuesday. Seriously, you won't BELIEVE #7.


1. This is little Ripley

Ripley was barely alive when he was found, with his fur thick, dirty and bug-infested. He was taken in, completely cleaned and nursed back to health. Unbelievable!

2. This guy’s name is Cedar

He was found near a golf course looking sick and mangy. Look at that handsome coat of fur- and that dazzling smile- as he heads off to his new home!

3. Meet Coffee:

Who would have guessed it would only take one month for this guy to grow a healthy coat of fur?

4. We couldn’t leave out trash pup…

This lucky lady was found by some passerby in a garbage dump. They took her in to urgent care and saved her life- and look, she’s already made a friend!

5. This one’s a tough pill to swallow

This poor pup was found abused and emaciated. Fortunately, she quickly recovered from the cruel conditions of starvation and is now looking much, much healthier.

6. This is Ginger

Are some people just plain evil? Ginger suffered like no dog ever should, but her transformation is incredible to see. She’s clearly doing much better, and has a little friend to prove it!

7. Meet Shrek:

He was found on a family farm in Ontario, Canada, and was almost mistaken for a dead coyote by his rescuers.

8. Check out Shrek now!

This shot was taken after he had 3.5 pounds of infested fur removed from his little body. So cute!

9. We’ll call this little guy “mop”

Having dreads like this is simply unhealthy. A good haircut makes all the difference!

10. The brawniest of them all:

This once-sickly pup transformed into a total stud. He knows he’s hot stuff- look at that regal gaze!

11. This is Tonia

She was found in the Mexican desert without food, water, or shelter.

12. Look at her now!

Can you believe this is the same dog? Tonia was taken in and fed, and is now a total babe. You’d never know her fur was that color!

13. This is Bird Dog.

Upon her arrival at a shelter in Antigua, she looked frail and worn.

14. This is Bird Dog right before her adoption into a loving home!

Girl’s got a light in her eyes and a little swagger in her step!

15. Meet Sumo:

Sumo was found tied to a fence by a very short chain.

16. Sumo, post-rescue:

He won’t let his brutal past bring him down. Check out that adorable, goofy smile!

17. ISA here was found just last August, wandering the roadside all by herself.


18. ISA in January is a different woman:

Just hangin’ out, tail (and tongue!) wagging.

19. Shelley has a similar backstory

She was found in January living by the road of a local airport.

20. Two weeks later, Shelley was looking happy and sweet:

Talk about a gorgeous pup!

21. This is Rugby.

Upon being rescued, Rugby had nearly as many health problems as he did fur.

22. Rugby, post-transformation:

A suave new haircut and a cone for heartworm treatment make all the difference in the world.

23. Last but not least, this is Skinny:

Aptly named, no?

24. Skinny, only two months later:

Here, he looks well-fed, cared for, and happy. What an incredible survivor!

25. Please consider adopting a rescue dog. You, too, can save a life.

And who wouldn’t want to hang out with one of these sweet dogs? For more resources, check out and, as well as shelters in your area.