7 Things You Learn About Yourself On A Girls’ Holiday

A girls’ trip is just like an extended sleepover. But not only do you get to create amazing memories and become even closer with your best friends, you also get to learn a few life lessons for yourself.

1. That no matter how much you want to be a naturally bronzed goddess, it’s not going to happen. A future lesson to pack the sun cream, as peeling skin is never a good look.

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2. You will never be able to pull off dancing on bars when you’re drunk. You may think you should be in Coyote Ugly with those dance moves but the Facebook photos say otherwise.

3. You always have space for dessert and cocktails. Don’t worry about how you’re going to look in your bikini the next day. Just indulge and enjoy yourself. Your happiness is more beautiful than a six pack.

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4. You have the greatest friends in the world. When they sacrifice dancing with the hot lifeguard to hold your hair whilst you puke from too much sangria, you know that friendship is for life.

5. Even if you hate to admit it, you’ll realise that you should always listen to your mom. She was right when she told you that you can never be too prepared. We know that first aid kit came in handy at some point during your trip.

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6. You are actually far more responsible and assertive then you believe. Whether someone has misplaced their passport or you’re lost in a foreign city, you’ll be surprised at how well you handle the situation.

7. How wonderful life can be. When you’re in a beautiful country with your best friends, crying with laughter until your cheeks ache, you’ll realize how lucky you are.

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