15 First Words That Babies Say



Few words are as eagerly anticipated as your baby’s first.

But what word will your little one say?

Let’s check out the list…here’s the Top 15 First Words That Babies Say:

15. Car

14. Uh oh

13. Baby

12. Ta (or Tata)

11. Duck

10. Bye

9. Nana

8. Cat (or Kitty)

7. No

6. Ball

5. Dog (or Doggy, Puppy)

4. Buba (or Bub or Baba)

3. Hi (or Hiya, Hey, Heya, Hello)

2. Mom (or Mama, Mommy, Mum, etc.)

1. Dad (or Dada, Daddy, Papa, etc.)

When it comes to which parent gets bragging rights, a survey of 11,000 Moms has found that 52% of babies first said ‘dad’ or a similar version, while 35% said ‘mom’. Why do dads seem to get the first word honor more often? One reason is that the d sound is easier for babies to utter than the m sound.

Was your baby’s first word surprising or funny?