14 Signs Your Other Half Is Your Best Friend


The best relationships are when you are always the best of friends. Here is how to know when you’ve landed the real deal…

1. Never feeling self conscious around them. Even at your most rough (spot cream and top knot included) they can still make you feel beautiful.

2. They know all your deepest darkest secrets. Even the ones you thought you’d take to your grave. But the best bit? They never judged you and completely accepted you for the person you are (despite learning you may be a little bit crazy).


3. You trust them completely. There’s never any worry between the two of you because your bubble of love and friendship is so perfect, why ruin it?

4. The most boring tasks become so much more fun when they’re around. Housework? Updating your CV? All these errands are so much easier to do when they’re making your belly ache with laughter.

5. Thinking of your future together makes you feel all warm inside. Who knew buying household appliances and choosing paint samples could be so exciting?

6. Together, you’ve created the best memories. The result? Millions of private jokes, inside nicknames and countless ‘Remember when…’, all of which lead to fits of giggles when reminiscing.

7. You can communicate with looks. No words need to be spoken, you already know what they’re thinking.


8. You tell them EVERYTHING. No matter how embarrassing or how mundane the topic, it’s been discussed. Which, unfortunately for your friends, means you do not include your other half when you promise not to tell anyone. Sorry!

9. You completely support each other’s dreams. No matter how wild or unattainable they seem, you support each other endlessly and wish them all the success.

10. There are no boundaries. Popping spots, using their sleeve as a tissue when you cry, sharing a toothbrush… The weirder the love, the better.


11. You could never watch one of your shows without them by your side. No matter how amazing the cliffhanger of the last episode was, watching it wouldn’t be the same without snuggling them on the sofa and discussing the plot in great detail.

12. Even when everyone else is getting on your last nerve, you can always tolerate them. Somehow they always manage to snap you out of the worst moods.


13. You love their family and friends like you love your own. It’s like one big group of fuzzy happiness.

14. You’re a team and can tackle anything together. You’ve been through the tough times but always come out stronger.