Think You Might Be In The Ghetto? Here Are 10 Ways You Can Tell.


When you ask someone about what they think of where they’re from, you may get the standard response. “There are good parts and bad parts really. Like everywhere.” Sort of link someone telling you that they “like all music really”, this is a textbook response. And when someones says that their hometown is glorious, you can be pretty sure they’ve never ventured into ghetto part which exists in every one.

If you see any of these things happening near you, it’s a sure sign that you’re in the ghetto…

1. Bad Baby Daddy?

10 ways to tell ghetto-01

Baby Daddy done you wrong? Sell that gold ring he put on your finger and pay for that little bun in the oven.

2. DIY Head Lights

10 ways to tell ghetto-02
Even the police might be afraid to stop you when seeing this.

3. Local Fast Food Joint

10 ways to tell ghetto-03

Nope, you just don’t dare ask this lady WHAT she’s doing. . . Even if you’re the manager.

4. Yard Sale

10 ways to tell ghetto-04

Careful he might be selling the evidence.

5. Gold Teeth To Sell?

10 ways to tell ghetto-05

This multi-talent dude will actually pull ’em out for you, and he’s not even a dentist.

6. Easter Holiday

10 ways to tell ghetto-06

This woman’s getting ready for the Easter hunt, but watch out she’ll want you to find her hidden golden egg.

7. SpongeBob Is Found

10 ways to tell ghetto-07

SpongeBob Squarepants wasn’t accustomed to hitting rock bottom outside of the sea. Apparently he lost his pants on his way down.

8. Public Toilets

10 ways to tell ghetto-08

Welcome to the ghetto where you can only use toilet paper, “square by square”..

9. DIY Local Parks

10 ways to tell ghetto-09

Who said shopping carts were for shopping?!

10. Random Hair Pieces

10 ways to tell ghetto-10

Looking to sport a new hairdo. . . you might find one “tumbling” down the streets.

Bonus. Soap On A Lock

10 ways to tell ghetto-11

Supermarket ain’t takin’ no chances.